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What services for the on-line store are provided by ProStore

On-line store manager

The On-line store manager service sets a target to provide a high-quality on-line store service for the customers. Within this service, you can use the following options:

  • accepting the incoming orders by the call center operator at the on-line store by phone
  • customer support provided by phone
  • registration of orders that come in on the on-line store website
  • assessment of the final order costs
  • informing the customers on the status of their order by means of electronic mail and texting
  • email exchange with customers from the on-line store domain name
  • compiling lists of registered orders
  • creating and updating the customers data base
  • cooperations with suppliers

Do you want the customer upon entering the site for one product to pick up something extra? Do you want the customer to repeat purchasing? Then you need to engage professionals as call-center operators for ProStore on-line store. They consult, support, give recommendations, help to make one's choice, provide additional information, offer concurrent parts. Our operators will make your sales really go up!

To learn more about the on-line store call-center or about the remote on-line store manager service (Moscow, Russia), call us or leave a request on our website.

Warehouse, storage of on-line store goods, goods receipt for secure storage

  • Bin location warehousing
  • markings and labeling
  • packaging
  • order batching
  • compiling a full package of supporting documents in compliance with the legislation requirements
  • issuing warranty certificates

ProStore customers have to pay strictly for the space they are actually using. We are always ready to discuss with you the conditions of order storage and picking, and also expanding of the storage volume for on-line store goods and the extension of the warehouse services list.

Order picking and packing

We batch the on-line store orders, pack them in branded containers, supplement the parcels with promotion matter, we get the on-line store order ready for transportation and delivery to the customer with its trade dress, technical characteristics and working condition preserved. This service helps you to preserve the order in its original state during transportation and meet the requirements of most courier companies regarding the external view of the sent items.
Courier delivery for on-line stores, TD-PRO delivery of orders

We pay great attention to cooperation with large and medium logistics companies, providers of express parcels and goods delivery, courier services. Logistics services for on-line stores meet the highest quality standards.

Criteria for choosing a delivery services are the following:

  • courier punctuality
  • keeping customers and on-line stores informed about the status of orders
  • cash and payment discipline — quick and prompt return of funds to the on-line store

ProStore Courier service is accurate and timely courier delivery of orders around Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Russian Post

Despite the wide choice of courier services, we recommend you to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Russian Post. This delivery option is relevant for remote areas of our country, as well as for small settlements.

Automated pickpoints

Partners of ProStore company provide network services of pick-up points located in most popular public places: shopping and business centers, large retail chains.

The method of receiving orders through special terminals has a number of advantages: the terminals are easy to use, we have the freedom to choose the time of order receipt, convenience of terminal disposition in terms of territory, speed and reliability, adequate prices matching high quality.

Cash services, handling both plastic bank cards and cash

For each courier delivery order for on-line stores ProStore company provides a cashier’s cheque for the entire amount of goods, shipping costs included. We fully take into consideration all the paragraphs of legislation related to cash discipline and reporting. Moreover, we are happy to offer our customers bank card payment upon receipt of the goods.


Depending on the type of delivery chosen by the on-line store, terms of cash transferred may be the following:

  • within 1-2 days upon the payment of additional commission that amounts to 1% of the cheque sum
  • not more than once in 2 weeks, in the amount of at least 15 000 rubles, if the delivery is performed by ProStore courier service
  • within 1 week to 28 days upon reaching the limit and other terms and conditions specified in the contract with a third-party delivery service

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